Become an Official Host Location!

  • Pack your bar any night of the week!
  • Increase cover charge on event nights!
  • Increase food and beverage sales!
  • Draw in lots of girls for contests along with all of their friends for support!
  • Establish your bar or club as the place to witness the hottest college-age girls on stage!

    College Pin-Up Event crowd
  • What We Provide...

    • An organized, high-profile week-long event produced in Cancun for your venue's winner toadvance to, participate in and enhance her modeling aspirations. Event week includes professional photo shoots, TV filming, fun in the sun, spectacular V.I.P. nightlife and a competition in front of thousands for a chance to win modeling contracts, cash, and prizes and become the ultimate winner and the International College Pin-Up Girl!
    • Your venue benefits from the draw and allure of International TV exposure and photo shoot opportunities (that we pay for in Cancun) by attracting the hottest girls with most modeling potential directly to your door! All participating contestants have a chance to win your College Pin-Up Girls Contest and advance to Cancun Spring Break for this spectacular, one-of-a-kind event, that only your licensed venue can provide to them in your market.
    • A unique, cost-effective promotion that can be run for up to six weeks! For example, as opposed to the cost of a band at a live music venue or DJ for only the one night, our one-time licensing fee covers you for up to six weeks (one contest each week) of added entertainment, fun, increased food & beverage sales and a reason to include or increase a cover charge!
    • All expenses of the spring break week for your Venue's winner; upon her arrival at the Cancun airport, we take over, including: airport greeting, ground transportation, hotel accommodations (rooming w/other contestants), select meals & beverages and the week of pre-planned fun
    • Stage banners and color custom-printed flyers for your venue, including your venue's logo, name, location, contact info and event dates
    • Authority to tie-in with third party sponsors in order to gain additional production budget, advertising revenue for your events, prizes, credibility and exposure in your market
    • Step-by-step production guide to optimize your venue's exposure and profits, and help you create the most successful College Pin-Up Girls event(s) possible!
    - Infinity View International, LLC

Contestant Eligibility: 18 - 24*
*Contestants are not required to currently be attending college.